Geraldine O'Neill

Let’s create a memorable and moving ceremony to mark your occasion


Our lives are filled with journeys: the journey a couple takes toward the momentous decision to marry; the life journey of a child which begins with a naming ceremony; the end of a journey when a loved one dies.

I’m Geraldine O’Neill, an accredited humanist celebrant in Cork City, and I create ceremonies to mark these journeys.



A time for joy and celebration as you welcome the arrival of the newest member to your family surrounded by relatives and friends.



On this special day, every word spoken should evoke exactly the right note, a note which embodies your happiness and your commitment to each other.



Each person, no matter how long they live, leaves behind a life for us to celebrate, a story for us to remember and to tell.

Age Of Reason

Around the age of seven, a child enters the period of late childhood called the ‘Age of Reason’. This age marks a new stage of logic and a new understanding of the surrounding world. During this time, a child’s morality begins. It is a period to acknowledge and to celebrate.

Thank you so much for all your help preparing for our special day and celebrating with a beautiful ceremony

Laragh & Brian


About Humanism

Humanism is a belief system which reflects my own beliefs, particularly the belief in the transformative power of the arts. Humanism allows people the freedom of choice in all the decisions made between birth and death. Humanism is about ethics, responsibility and inclusivity.

Working With Geraldine

When you’re ready to mark a memorable occasion—whether it’s a wedding, a naming, a funeral, or an Age of Reason ceremony—you and I will collaborate to develop a unique script. Together, we’ll create an experience that reflects your life, celebrates your values and honours your community.