Geraldine O'Neill

Humanist Funerals


Celebrating a life to remember

A Humanist Funeral centres upon the celebration of a life. It gives family and friends an opportunity to remember the time spent with the person who has died. It is empathic and inclusive as it honours that person.

However long a person’s life is, days or decades, they will have touched the hearts of those around them. When they die, they will leave behind them yet another story, a story which needs to be told, a life which needs to be celebrated.  


A meaningful ceremony
for someone dear

A humanist funeral is a special time to say farewell to a beloved relative or friend. The ceremony contains stories about that person gathered from family and friends. It also contains readings and reflections. Often, the ceremony includes music, songs and poetry. These elements embody the feelings of sorrow and joy that are attendant at any funeral as they celebrate the life that is being honoured.  




Less worry during a difficult period

The death of a loved one is a difficult period, but I can help alleviate the worry around organising a meaningful funeral. When I write a ceremony for a humanist funeral, I spend time with the family and friends of the person who has died, to gather stories and impressions. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting with people who are terminally ill, and creating a ceremony that aligns with their wishes. Occasionally, I’m contacted by a family who knows their loved one is dying. I work with them to create a ceremony which honours their family member and allows them the time to concentrate on that person instead of the stress of arranging a funeral.  

Saying farewell

No matter the circumstances, the final script for the humanist funeral ceremony will be filled with memories and stories that reflect the life being celebrated. You can simply call me to discuss the matter at any time.