Geraldine O'Neill

Age Of Reason


A time to celebrate
a child’s dawning maturity

From the age of six, a child finds it easier to imagine their universe. And from the ages of seven to nine, a child enters a period of late childhood called an ‘Age of Reason’. This is a very special time in the lives of young people. A child gains a notion of good and bad, of justice and injustice. A child discovers their voice. We celebrate the dawning maturity of this child as they take their first steps towards individual autonomy.  


A ceremony to mark a child’s growing awareness of their world

Throughout the ages, and throughout the world, people have celebrated this particular time in their children’s lives as they begin a new stage of logic and understanding. In Ireland, the marking of this change is usually done by a first communion ceremony. More and more, parents and children in Ireland are choosing to mark this time in a unique and personalised way. An Age of Reason ceremony is an ethical and inclusive option that highlights and celebrates a new phase in a child’s life.    

Choosing to celebrate
an Age of Reason

If you—as a family, a school, or a community group—decide to find a different way to mark a child’s period of transition, I will be happy to help you. When I plan a ceremony, I meet with children, parents and teachers separately to discover their wishes for the day. I workshop with the children and their parents to create a unique, inclusive celebration in which everyone is equally honoured. An Age of Reason ceremony can be large or small. Each ceremony is different because each child is different.




Let’s mark a new era for your child

The Age of Reason ceremony is a celebration of a growing child; a celebration that reflects their thoughts, utilizes their talents, and raises their awareness of the importance of their presence in the lives of those around them. When you’re ready to plan an Age of Reason for the child in your life, get in touch and we’ll chat through the possibilities.