Geraldine O'Neill

Humanist Weddings


The right note
for your big day

It’s my desire that your Humanist Wedding Ceremony turns out to be your favourite memory of the big day. Every word spoken should help create exactly the right note, a note which reflects your commitment to each other as well as your joy and happiness on this special day.

As a humanist solemniser, I am accredited by the Humanist Association of Ireland and my name appears on the list of legal solemnisers at your local registry offices. Because I’m accredited in Ireland, you will be legally married after your ceremony—you’ll enjoy the convenience of everything happening in one place on the same day.     




We’ll start with the preparations

Once you have booked your date with me, we will begin the preparations for your wedding day. You, your partner and I will meet so we can get to know each other and discuss your ideas and hopes for your ceremony. I’ll describe all the elements available to you in your humanist wedding ceremony. These include Candle Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Warming of the Wedding Rings, Celtic Handfast, Vows to your Children and Rose Ceremony, along with an extensive range of readings and reflections.

Then we’ll choose the words

After this meeting, I’ll create a draft script which will be a true reflection of your commitment to each other. We’ll use this script as we continue to collaborate on the shape and content of your ceremony. I will give you an extensive selection of readings, including writings and poems, that are in keeping with your sentiments and will create an idyllic atmosphere on the special day.

We’ll craft a unique experience

All of these choices allow you to personalise your ceremony and to create a unique experience for all present. Whether you invite two guests or 200 guests, the process remains the same and at its core lies your story and your commitment to each other.

When every detail matters…

If we haven’t met, you can listen to a sample of my speaking voice to help you plan for your big day.


Exchange of Vows

An Exchange of Vows is suitable for a couple whose marriage was legalised in another country. Especially with the VISA laws tightening in many countries, a couple may have a civil ceremony in their country of residence but then choose to gather their family and friends in Ireland to celebrate their union. This meaningful ceremony is as moving and heartwarming as a legal wedding ceremony.  

Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows is a beautiful way to celebrate any number of years together and to remind yourselves of the reasons why you first married. The ceremony can take place in your home or any type of venue. This gathering of family and friends is a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

When you’re ready to plan your wedding

  • Decide the date and location of your venue

  • Book a Humanist Celebrant who is also a legal solemniser

  • Book your Venue (most venues will insist you book a celebrant first)

  • Make an appointment with your local Registry Office at least 3 months before your date to obtain your Marriage Registration Form

Once all of these elements are in place, it’s time to get married.


The ceremony was lovely and all of our family & friends commented on how touching a humanist ceremony can be.

Donal & Rebecca


Let’s plan a day like no other

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your adult life. It deserves to be the most meaningful and delightful occasion. Working together, we’ll create a wedding ceremony that highlights the day and uniquely reflects your happiness and your love. Get in touch and we’ll begin discussing the possibilities for your big day.